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April 30, 2020
August 3, 2020

A solidarity videogame tournament to fight against COVID-19


  • On 27 and 28 June the “FTW Vall d’Hebron Video Game Solidarity Tournament” will take place, under the hashtag #GameOverCovid. A competition between teams from the Valorant video game that will face the best professional gamers and the most famous video game influencers in the State.


  • During tournament breaks, eight professionals from the Vall d’Hebron University Hospital will give health advice to prevent COVID-19.


  • The tournament will be organized by SYN, the digital sports events development company, and the shopping centers, Glòries, Splau and La Maquinista.


  • During the pandemic, Vall d’Hebron has made a great effort to adapt healthcare spaces, quintupling the ICU bed capacity, for instance.


Next weekend, June 27 and 28, the “FTW Vall d’Hebron Solidarity Video Game Tournament” will take place, a competition between Valorante video game teams that faces the best professional players and the most famous video game influencers of the State During the 12 hours that the tournament will last, a link will be provided to make donations for the Vall d’Hebron University Hospital. We expect that that the competition has an audience of hundreds of miles of people from all over the world.


Vall d’Hebron is the largest hospital in Catalonia and the center that has treated the most patients with COVID-19. During this first wave of the pandemic, Vall d’Hebron went from 56 ICU beds to 250 available. In addition, other spaces were adapted to guarantee the correct assistance of patients with spaces COVID-19 and non-COVID-19. And now we are transitioning to a new normality. We are recovering more non-COVID-19 activity while being prepared for possible outbreaks. So we are adapting to a new healthcare reality. But it is essential to have the necessary resources to face changes and that is why initiatives such as this charity tournament are so important.


The tournament is produced by a digital sports event development company,SYN, and will be broadcast live on Twitch (Amazon’s free video game streaming platform). Three shopping centers are also collaborating in the organization of this initiative: La Maquinista, Glòries and Splau, which during the week prior to the tournament will promote through giant digital screens and through their social networks.


One of the highlights of the tournament is that, during the breaks, Vall d’Hebron professionals will give health advice related to COVID-19. The messages will be given by eight professionals from the Hospital: Dr. Benito Almirante, head of the Infectious Diseases Service; Carme Ferrer, supervising nurse of the Infectious Diseases and Preventive Medicine and Epidemiology Service; Dr. Ramon Vilallonga, surgeon from the General Surgery Service; Dr. Marc Pérez, resident of the same Service; Dra. Blanca Borràs, from the Preventive Medicine and Epidemiology Service; Elisa Navarro, infection control nurse from the same Service; Dr. María Espiau, pediatrician of the Infectious Diseases and Pediatric Immunology Unit; and Pedro Pérez, pediatric nurse from the same Unit. All these professionals have a very important role in the fight against COVID-19. Interviews will also be broadcast with Dr. Ramon Vilallonga, Carme Ferrer, Elisa Navarro and Dr. María Espiau.


As Dr. Benito Almirante points out, “this disease can affect all age groups. That is why it is important that the professionals of Vall d’Hebron can directly address the younger people, as this charity tournament allows, because it is important that we all become aware of following security measures regardless of how old we are.

The health messages that the Vall d’Hebron professionals will give will revolve around four themes. Firstly, surgeon Ramon Vilallonga will explain the benefits of technology applied to medicine: “Medicine and surgery in recent years have explored the usefulness of digital tools for clinical practice with very encouraging results.” Some examples of this implementation in Vall d’Hebron are eHealth (the practice of health cures supported by information and communication technologies) or the use of surgical robots such as the Da Vinci, which allows very precise surgeries and being minimally invasive. Vall d’Hebron has two of these robots in the operating rooms and one in the Simulation Room for professionals and residents to practice.

Carme Ferrer and Elisa Navarro will talk about the importance of taking security measures in interior and exterior spaces, respectively. “When we play videogames with friends, for example, you have to keep your distance and wear masks. Before starting to play we have to wash our hands, and once we have finished we can clean the controller with a damp cloth with soap and water, especially if we share it, “explains Carme Ferrer. For her part, Elisa Navarro will point out that “in outdoor spaces we have to respect distances and, if it is not possible, put on the hygienic or surgical mask, which has a life of between 4 and 8 hours. In public transport it is mandatory to wear it and it is convenient to queue in an orderly manner and avoid crowds ”.


The pediatrician María Espiau will give health advice for children, youth and adolescents. “Although they have been little affected by the pandemic, it is important that they also take the precautions that the authorities take in at all times,” says Dr. María Espiau.


For his part, Iván Bermejo responsible for Events Europe of the company SYN, points out that “as a company we are very proud to be able to collaborate from our sector with an event to raise funds for a good cause“.And, as stated by Victor Garcia, Head of Institutional Relations for the Unibail-Rodamco-Westfield group: “From La Maquinista, Glorias and Splau shopping centers, we are aware that in this delicate situation, we all need to do our bit to collaborate with the health sector and educate young people about the importance of hygiene measures to prevent contagion ”.


The tournament will take place on Saturday, June 27 from 4:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. and on Sunday, June 28, from 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. It will be presented by Cristinini, an influencer from the world of video games and professional gamer of the famous video game League of Legends. In her social network profiles, she has 40,000 followers on Twitter, 54,000 on Instagram, 144,000 on YouTube and 217,000 on Twitch.


The tournament will run as follows: each team is made up of 5 players, and there will be 4 teams of professional gamers and 4 of video game influencers. In total, 40 players spread over 8 teams. At the start of the tournament, the competition table will be drawn, and the teams will be eliminated throughout the 12 hours until there is a winner.


The tournament will also be promoted throughout the week by various people famous and active on the networks. Footballers like Bojan Krkic and Aitana Bonmatí, the runner Núria Picas, the Dakar driver Gerard Farrés, the basketball player Rafa Martínez, the TV3 journalist Artur Peguera, the humorist Víctor Parrado … All of them will mobilize on the networks the previous days spreading the health messages of the professionals of the Hospital and videos in which they will encourage to connect to the tournament and make donations to Vall d’Hebron.